Pocket Living, Customer Stories

Directed and Edited for Pocket Living

Using genuine Pocket home-owners, the films illustrate the issues facing first-time buyers today, and explore each person’s home-buying story. Each discussed how tricky it had been to find a home before discovering Pocket and how their lives had been transformed since buying a Pocket home.

I employed a natural, documentary-style which was led by the contributor’s personal stories. The brand identity and ethos is woven into the texture of the films and Pocket’s key strategic messages built into the narrative. These films not only give you a successful customer case-study story, but also communicate clearly who Pocket are and what they do.

As well as appealing to potential new customers/ home owners, these films have also been used by Pocket to demonstrate what the company does to industry and London local authorities.

“The Georgie film made me realise Pocket home-owners were just like me, I knew I’d fit right in.”

Reya – New Pocket home-owner

“Pocket Living’s focus is always London’s city makers, and there is nothing more compelling to potential buyers, politicians and journalists than to hear our owner’s stories direct from them. Our city maker films are fundamental tools allowing all our audiences to understand how our homes fit the needs of our target market.”

Hannah Blott

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