Pocket Living, Crowdcube Fundraising Film

What we did

After the success of their first crowd-funding drive, which raised £1.5m in a record breaking 16 days, Pocket Living asked Canvas to produce another film for their second crowd-funding drive on crowdcube.com. The three-minute film needed to showcase the company’s work and ethos, promote their funding bid of £1.25m, and clearly explain the financial details of the deal.

A combination of voiceover, direct address to camera, conventional filming, and animation was used to clearly communicate both the deal on offer and Pocket’s raison d’etre. Studies have shown that potential investors are keen to meet the company leaders within the first few seconds of the film, so we made sure that both the company’s CEO and Financial Director were featured at the top of the film. Animation was used to communicate the financial set-up of the company and the funding opportunity available to potential investors.

“Having a film to explain our investment proposition was key to the success of our crowd funding activity. Moving image is the clearest way to outline the key information and engage our audiences, and naturally lends itself to our digital, content-based marketing strategies.”

Hannah Blott – Pocket Living

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