MAP, Living with Breast Cancer in Gaza – Deema’s Story

What we did

For 2017’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Medical Aid for Palestinians commissioned Canvas to produce an animation to highlight the challenges faced by women affected by breast cancer in Gaza.

The animation was to be predominantly used on social media platforms, particularly on mobile devices. Bearing this in mind, we proposed that the film should have no voiceover and should be fully watchable without sound. The frame size was also optimised for mobile devices and social media. Two versions were produced; a longer 100 second version for Facebook, and a 60 second version for Instagram. The animation was well received and in its first few days reached over 40,000 views.

“This was the first time we have used animation and it was really successful. The film gained a wide reach on social media, and has been used in presentations and at events with very positive feedback.”

“It has been successful in making our campaign more active, engaging and fresh, and its longevity means we will continue to use it for the whole year ahead.”

Yasmin Mahboubi

deema is 50% less likely to survive breast cancer than someone in the UK
with shortages of half of essential cancer drugs
as few as 2 in 5 women in gaza survive longer than five years after diagnosis of breast cancer infographic
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