Essential Living, Manifesto for Living

Essential Living, the UK’s leading rental-property developer, commissioned Canvas to produce a portfolio of video-content, aimed at highlighting the ‘lifestyle’ benefits of renting one of their design-led flats.

Filmed over two days, the project involved over 15 actors and a crew of 10 to create a series of multi-platform, re-usable video content which would be re-packaged for future use, across a number of social media platforms.

The filming took the loose dawn to dusk narrative, dipping in and out of the lives of the ‘tenants’ going about their day. The lives of the characters sporadically ‘crossed’, reflecting the focus on community within Essential Living developments.

The films’ aim was to represent the brand’s visual style and highlight their USPs, appealing to a core demographic audience aged late 20s to mid 40s.


The project created a central film, (which received well over 10,000 views within the first few days of being launched on Facebook), a series of Instagram films, a digital billboard ad, (showcased across the City of London throughout Summer 2017) and a series of looped films for Essential Living’s website and the company’s social media platforms. The films saw engagement on Instagram rise by 156% compared to previous photo-based posts.

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